Yummy Green Coconut Fudge…


chfitnessAdding taste and color to desserts using veggies is not a new idea but is gaining serious attention once again as more and more people get focused on getting nutritional benefit from every bite they eat…including dessert.

Let’s face it, the Internet is making people much wiser.  They understand that it’s not about the amount of calories eaten but more about what those calories offer or lack when it comes to nutrition that really matters.

Truth is, calories are not created equal and if optimal health and weight maintenance are important to you every calorie that goes in does matter. What good does it do anyone…especially you if what you are eating is foods that do nothing but rob you of your vitality and in the end your health? Is it really worth that small “pleasure”…that momentary high to jeopardize your future?

The trend towards enjoying foods in as close to “raw” as possible state and squeezing nutrition into snacks and desserts as well as other primary meals, has re-emerged with veggies playing the starring role as well as supporting roles as subtle flavors and textures.

There are many dark green vegetables available that can be used with great success in creating sweet dishes as well as savory ones. Spinach is one of those dark green veggies and contains one of the most active coloring agents of all greens. It is easy to grow and find and the perfect addition to any dessert recipes for flavor, texture and color.

Fudge is a family favorite both as a dessert and sweet snack most likely because it can be created in endless varieties…mixing endless ingredients and anyone worth their weight in candy-making gold has tried their hand at making great fudge. However, not everyone has ventured into the “unknown” and brought spinach into their fudge mixture.

Not only is this fudge tasty…with added nutrition, but it offers a beautiful festive color that can add spice to your table during holidays or simply bring a smile to the face of the child who loves color.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed your fudge without your gremlins’ kicking in?

Green Coconut Fudge

2 bananas

1 cup desiccated coconut

¼ cup coconut oil, warmed until liquid

1 tablespoon honey

Handful of fresh spinach

Place all ingredients into the food processer and process until mixture is smooth and creamy.

Spoon out and spread into a small dish or pan. Place in fridge to firm up.

Cut into bars.

Who knew such healthy creations could be made so easily and satisfy a “sweet” tooth so completely…all while benefiting health with added nutrition?

As the younger generation would claim “Sweet!”…it doesn’t get any better than this!

For more delicious veggie based dessert and treat recipes visit: “Blended Bites”  You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can create with veggies.


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