Yogurt Protein Cookies


Yogurt Protein Cookie

These yogurt protein cookies are SO delicious when I first made them years ago that I wanted to re-share the recipe with you to remind you to make them.
These bars are seriously one of my favorite healthier treats to make because they’re so freaking easy and do NOT require any baking.They also make an excellent post-workout snack or late afternoon pick-me-up as they happen to pack 9g of protein.
Regular baked cookies are great and all BUT, have you ever had No Bake Yogurt Protein Cookies?!
All you’re going to need is some yogurt that’s high in protein, coconut cream, milk, freeze dried fruit, vanilla protein powder and melted chocolate.
Yes, that’s it! Yogurt Protein Cookies are as easy as it gets when it comes to using minimal ingredients and following a simple prep process.
While I used freeze dried raspberries, you can use ANY freeze dried fruit you want. You CAN also use fresh fruit, I just prefer freeze dried in this recipe because it doesn’t make the yogurt as watery, but it won’t make too much of a difference.
Also, you could omit the fruit and keep these plain and creamy vanilla cookies that are topped with melted chocolate! These treats are mildly sweet, you can add a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup if you prefer them sweeter.
Protein packed, no-bake, and perfect to stash in your freezer to grab whenever the craving for a special 'something' hits. The recipe also makes a super delicious dessert.
These frozen yogurt cookies are exceptionally yummy; kids love them, and adults love them as well. Look no further for the cold treat or ice cream replacement your entire family will love. It is right here!
Course Dessert, Snack
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Servings 10


  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 1/2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 1 13.5 oz coconut cream, full fat (solid part only) *see note below
  • 1/3 cup milk of choice
  • 1/2 cup freeze dried raspberries (or any other freeze dried fruit)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Chocolate Coating

  • 1 1/4 cups chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil


  • Note: Place the can of coconut cream or milk in the fridge or freezer for at least 1-2 hours before making these cookies to allow coconut cream to separate.
    When ready to make the cookies:
    Open chilled can and scoop out the cream that has separated and set hard on the top. Save the remaining coconut water to use in a smoothie, drink, or discard.
    Add the hardened coconut cream to a small saucepan and over a low heat gently melt.  Once melted, add all other ingredients to the saucepan (to save having to wash another bowl)- yogurt, protein powder, milk, raspberries and stir until well combined.
    Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to measure out 8-10 cookies and place on a parchment lined baking tray.
    Freeze for 1-2 hours until firm.

Chocolate Coating

  • Place chocolate chips and coconut oil in small dish and microwave with 30 second bursts on 50% power stirring between each one until melted and smooth.
    Or use double boiler method - (pot of boiling water with a bowl resting on top) melt the chocolate chips and the coconut oil together.
    Remove the cookies from the freezer and after checking they are firm and set, remove from tray.
    Skewer each cookie or use 2 forks to hold, or a fork under each one and dip into the melted chocolate, then place on a rack to dry.Dip twice for extra coating.
    Put the cookies into the freezer for another hour before serving.
    Store in the freezer in an airtight container and thaw a little bit before eating.
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