So I Skipped Breakfast… Then This Happened!


It shouldn’t have happened, but it did.

Suddenly I realized I had no idea what was going on with my body…

Hey, it’s Carolyn Hansen. For someone who normally prides herself on being able to understand what’s needed
to keep one’s weight in check, this one had me doing a double take.

Because I was losing inches around my midsection at the exact time I was sure I should be gaining them!

I was so thrown by this when it happened that I decided to write a book about it:

The 16 Hour Diet

If you’ve ever found yourself going from one crazy calorie counting scheme to the next in search of that elusive ideal physique, then the story of my ACCIDENTAL weight loss episodes (this happened more than once) should fill you with hope.

Hope that you can finally use the very same weight-reducing strategy I stumbled upon when I began skipping breakfast while traveling.

By complete chance I managed to develop a “diet” I did not even realize I was on.

That’s how effortless the weight came off during these episodes.

Have you ever purposely restricted the amount of food you were eating and yet not even notice you were making an effort to limit what was going into
your mouth?

Until recently, I hadn’t.

And yet that’s exactly what happened to me on 3 separate occasions…

It wasn’t until the last time this occurred that I finally woke up to what was going on.

The exciting part about this is that I’m not the only one to realize this approach works (although I may be the only person to have taken decades to
figure it out).

That’s why I’m inviting you to come check out the full story and learn about what I’m now calling “The 16 Hour Diet”



















Yes, I’m going to tell you how to successfully implement an eating plan that literally lasts less than a day.

Not only that, but you don’t have to give up any of the foods you’re currently eating.

Or limit the amount of them.

It sounds completely counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

How could that possibly work?

If you want to know the answer, simply\ click on the link above.

I’ll tell you everything I learned about what began happening to my body when I finally stopped paying attention to the breakfast menu…

And started paying attention to the clock on the wall…

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