How To Make A Smoothie Bowl


How To Make A Smoothie Bowl

An easy guide to make juice-shop worthy smoothie bowls at home in four simple steps!
I love the concept of smoothie bowls. They are a great way to pack in a ton of “good stuff” like grains, fruits and veggies into one meal. A smoothie bowl is thicker and you will need to eat it with a spoon rather than a straw like a normal smoothie drink.
Any chance to make something healthy taste like a decadent dessert, and I am IN! And smoothie bowls are one of my go-to healthy treats.
For those mornings when you're looking to up your fruit smoothie game, a healthy smoothie bowl is the perfect answer.
Smoothie bowls are so customizable too which makes them really fun to make. 
I love adding a variety of toppings like fresh fruit, granola, chia seeds, hemp hearts and whipped coconut cream (recipe below in notes) for a very special nutritious touch. 
There are so many different flavors and variations that you really can’t mess this up so just whip out your blender and give some a try! I always have frozen fruit on hand like bananas, pineapple and berries as they make smoothies thick and creamy. Feel free to throw in some greens as well such as spinach or kale!
Blended smoothie bowls are the fancy way to serve a thick, nutrient dense meal, great for busy people on the go as it can be made in minutes or even meal prepped the night before. Then you just need to throw the prepared ingredients together and take the bowl with you if you are short on time.
Smoothie bowls are an upgrade on the normal smoothie as you can add on some really healthy toppings that make them more filling then a regular smoothie.
Healthy toppings like hemp or chia seeds, nuts and whole grain oats for example are a great way to add fiber to your diet, as well as other essential nutrients you might otherwise be missing out on. I love to add on fresh fruit as well for even more color and flavor.
You can even add in your favorite protein powder if you are looking to add more protein to your diet. That's especially helpful for those on a fitness or muscle toning program or for those who are vegan, and might be having a harder time meeting their protein requirements.
Practice makes perfect. Different fruits and veggies yield slightly different results. Don't be afraid to play around with ingredient amounts to get the right texture so you can get that oooo-weeeee baby powered up and ready to go feeling that only smoothie bowls can give you!
They have the rich and creamy consistency of soft serve (seriously!) with all the nutrition of fruit other healthy ingredients. They are incredibly easy to make and made absolutely irresistible when topped with crunchy and creamy toppings.
My go-to method I outline here makes blending a smoothie bowl a breeze. As if we needed more reasons to enjoy them OFTEN 🙂
Smoothie bowls can be an effortless and fun experience OR a tiresome blend with endless scraping, stirring and tampering just to get the bowl to BARELY come together. The trick to the former? The easy method below I have been using for years.
Here are some more tips to make super thick smoothie bowls:
Use just a splash of milk. Just a splash of milk will get your blender going! That is all you need. About ⅛ cup milk per 1 cup of frozen fruit.
Keep blending until it is creamy. Keep pushing frozen fruit down towards the blades either with your blender tamper, or by scraping it down with a spatula.
Don't be tempted to add more liquid. Don't add more liquid to get it smooth faster, this is a smoothie bowl. Just keep blending until it is pureed.
Invest in a high quality blender. If you plan to make a lot of smoothie bowls, investing in a good blender with a strong motor that can quickly cut through frozen fruit is a really good idea.
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Servings 1


  • 1 cup banana, sliced, frozen OR 1 cup cauliflower, florets, frozen
  • 1 cup frozen fruit of choice – berries, pineapple, mango, kiwi
  • 1/4 cup liquid of choice - any milk or juice will work
  • Optional scoop of protein powder
  • Optional spoonful of nut butter 
  • Toppings of choice - granola, nuts and seeds, sliced fruit, freeze dried fruit, nut butter, coconut flakes, whipped coconut cream (recipe below in notes).


  • 1. Add the frozen banana (or cauliflower) and fruit to the blender and blend on low. The goal of this step is to chop the frozen fruit into small bits - which will make blending later a breeze.
    Pick the lowest setting and let the blender do its thing. The fruit will bounce all around the blender as it gets chopped into small pieces.
    2. Add milk and blend until smooth. Blend on low until the little fruit bits turn into a smooth mixture. You may need to scrape down the sides a few times to "unstick" the blender. Once the mixture is moving, ever so slowly increase the speed to medium to help the smoothie become a smoother consistency.
    3. Once smooth, add in optional protein powder, nut butter, and other superfoods. Blend again, starting on low, until smooth.
    4. Pour into a bowl, cover with toppings, and ENJOY!


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Go here for the simple recipe:  Whipped Coconut Cream 
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