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healthy desserts2Have you ever made a cake without having to bake it? Or whipped up desserts like chocolate mousse, cookies, and ice cream without using sugar, flour, dairy, soy or eggs as ingredients? Does that seem impossible to you?

It’s not only possible, it is by far the preferred way to prepare snacks and desserts and most people are astonished to discover how easy it is to make exciting, delicious sweet recipes which use raw and live food ingredients including vegetables.

The truth is, understanding the role that raw foods play in your diet and the expansion of their use is critical to your long term overall health.

Living foods are alive, they have not been cooked – at least to the level that it destroys the enzymes that we would otherwise derive from the food for our benefit. Most times this means the food in its uncooked or raw state.

Raw foods that can be added to your diet daily without first needing to be cooked are any raw nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, and beans. These foods are not processed, heated, cooked or altered in any way. They are nothing more than whole foods in their natural living state, a gift from Mother Nature herself.

You might question whether nuts can be considered “live food.” But, if you consider the fact that nuts sprout when soaked in water it’s easy to see that they were just in their dormant state and waiting to be prompted. They are very much alive just waiting for the perfect environmental opportunity of water, light and warmth to activate their inner life force.

This is why it is better to sprout beans, nuts and even seeds overnight – it activates the food’s living energy in the form of enzymes that pass instructions at the cellular level (important to us because it assists our ability to digest food properly.

On the contrary, cooked foods have been stripped of the enzymatic activity that raw living foods have to offer.

Gluten intolerance which is a condition experienced by a many is largely explained by this idea as wheat is not sprouted before it is cooked so the gluten (part of the cell structure) becomes indigestible and toxic to those that are particularly vulnerable to it.

If wheat is first sprouted and then cooked at a temperature below 112 degrees Fahrenheit it is still alive when eaten. Essene bread (named after the Essene’s, an ancient civilization that flourished 2,000 years ago) is freshly made sprouted wheat and rye bread that is unbelievable good and contributes to your health rather than causing a toxic reaction. These nature lovers cooked their grains/bread after sprouting on a rock in the sun.

It’s important to elevate the amount of food in your diet which is rich in active enzymes because your body needs them to function properly and will actually deplete its own enzyme reserves if they are not constantly replenished.

It seems that nature gifts each one of us with an “enzyme bank account.” This account needs regular deposits made by taking in the enzymes found in raw foods. If we do not make regular deposits but simply continue to use up our present supply, we become more susceptible to aging, disease and premature death.

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Designing healthy snacks is something of an art and cannot be made by simply taking a normal recipe based around sugar, butter and white flour and turning it into something healthy. However, once you get a feel for it you’ll find yourself experimenting more and more. Get the family involved. Find out what their favorite raw foods are and incorporate them into your sweet dishes.

Expand your horizons to include an array of vegetables in your sweet, raw desserts and treat dishes as well as savory dishes. They add moisture, texture, fiber, taste and color. They are a real adventure in boosting your health and fun to explore in more depth.

Not only will nutritional, raw, fresh ingredients (in your snacks treats and desserts) make you feel and look great, but they taste great too. And, the best thing of all, they are guilt free meals.

Eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies is key to maintaining balanced nutrition and a healthy body.

Discover no bake, Paleo friendly, no sugar, gluten free healthy sweet treat and dessert recipes that incorporate a wide variety of healthy vegetables…“50 Desserts with Hidden Veggies. ” 

Isn’t it time you began introducing these much ignored nutrient-dense super-stars into all your dishes…including your desserts?

Check out the hundreds of healthy recipes here:

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