Desserts and Treats That are Both Decadent and Healthy…


blendedbitesdessertsNo bake, Paleo friendly, no sugar, gluten free healthy meals are becoming a trend these days and desserts and treats are no exception.

The “old” belief that eating healthy eliminated treats and sweets is no longer valid.

Nor is the belief that losing weight means giving up all your favorite foods…things you can never eat again.

This kind of mentality only leads to “cheating” and the ensuing “guilt.” It is doomed for failure because no one is going to give up their favorite treats, snacks and desserts forever.

Truth is health conscious recipe creators are coming up with some amazingly delicious, healthy guilt free snacks and desserts that you can eat daily that contribute to your health rather than subtract from it as most traditional dessert and treat recipes have in the past.

And, the most remarkable thing is…every one of them tastes as good as or better as their fattening, no nutrient counterparts.

Today, the idea for healthy desserts and treat recipes has expanded even more to include and incorporate vegetables as an ingredient. Although this idea is not entirely new, with things like carrot cake and pumpkin pie having been favorites for decades…it is expanding and gaining in popularity quickly as more and more people become conscious of trying to squeeze the most nutrition out of what goes into their bodies. They are opting for high nutrition…not empty calories.

Let’s face it, the Internet is educating people. More and more they can no longer be fooled by fancy packaging, star endorsements or tricky labels like “all-natural.” They are no longer compromising their health and fitness goals in support of corporate greed, but are demanding nutrient dense foods…including their snacks, desserts and treats.

In reality, desserts can be decadent as well as healthy without losing flavor or texture. Unhealthy fats will be replaced with healthy fats such as avocados and coconut oil, unhealthy sugar for sweetness is replaced with dates and dried fruits of all kinds.

If you’re tired of the guilt, if you’re ready to eliminate “junk” foods from your diet…if you’re truly ready to embrace a new way of enjoying food…especially your desserts, treats and snacks then you will love my newest creation:

“Blended Bites”

With 50 healthy, no bake, sugar, wheat and gluten free dessert and snack recipes…all made with vegetables either playing a starring or support role you’ll have at your fingertips highly nutritious, healthy snack and dessert recipes that are waist-line friendly at any time of the day. High in nutrition and low in dead, useless calories.

Whether its cakes, cookies, puddings, brownies, fudge, cheesecake, candies or ice cream that you love to make and serve to your friends and family…you’ll find healthy recipes for each one included.

Isn’t it time to break out of your snack and dessert rut and begin viewing them in a whole new “light” from a whole new perspective?

How satisfying would it feel to serve dessert to your family and watch as they fully enjoy the experience, all the while knowing they are getting a portion of their vegetables for the day?

Once you start with these exciting healthy but tasty recipes I promise you’ll never go back!

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