Chia Seeds Provide Super Nutrition


chia seedAs science opens the door to the secrets of nutrition, more and more foods are surfacing as super-foods…foods that go beyond the norm when it comes to providing nutrition for our bodies.

Chia seed is one of those super-foods. As one of nature’s most perfect natural foods, it is regarded by many health and nutrition experts as the pinnacle of superfoods. Some of them even declare that if they were only allowed one food daily…chia seeds would be the chosen one.

Chia seeds supply our bodies with super nutrition. They taste good are inexpensive and mix well with most foods. There are many medical conditions that Chia seeds help with and weight loss is just one of those.

Although Chia seeds have recently enjoyed a resurgence in modern times, this little super seed is not to man. The Aztecs, Mayans and Inca cultures all revered this seed, considered it a mega energy food and carried it with them throughout the day for a boost of energy. It was so important to these cultures that they even traded it as currency. To the Mayans chia actually meant “strength.”

Chia is an annual herb that produces white and purple flowers that eventually go to seed. The seeds are little and oval in shape. They can be white, gray, black or brown.

There are no toxic effects documented from chia seeds so they are safe to consume without worry.

Besides the wealth of vitamins and minerals provided, the benefits of chia seed are:

High Energy: Chia seed is a mega energy food and provides sustainable energy that will easily carry you through your cardio or resistance workouts. It also provides twice the potassium of bananas.

High Protein: Chia seed is a complete protein source containing all 19 amino acids in balance. They are higher in protein than any other grain, chia’s protein is absorbed and digests easily and is the perfect replacement for protein in protein shakes.

Antioxidant Rich: Chia is rich in antioxidants…even more so than blueberries. This gives chia seed a long shelf life.

Fiber Rich: Consuming chia seed daily aids digestion and regularity. They detox your system and clean your intestines. Providing both soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber.

Reduces Joint Pain: Consuming chia seed on a daily basis can greatly reduce or eliminate joint pain.

Aids with Weight-loss: Chia helps to fill you up so you eat less, but does not weigh you down.

Although chia are perfect for human consumption, insects don’t like it which allows it to remain pesticide free.

Chia can be consumed so many different ways. You can enjoy this super seed all alone as a snack or sprinkle them generously on soups, salads, cereals and yogurt. They are perfect in juices, smoothies, Smoothie bowls or shakes. Some people simply stir a few tablespoons into water, let them sit for a few minutes until they soften a bit and then drink them down.

Because the taste of chia seeds is relatively mild to no flavor they can be easily cooked into foods without changing the flavor but boosting the nutrient value considerably. They are the perfect addition to healthy desserts…both traditional and veggie based desserts.

Isn’t it time you began introducing this nutrient-dense super-seed into your dishes…including your desserts?

You’ll find some exciting veggie based dessert recipes in my new “Blended Bites” recipe book that include this super food.

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