Carob Fudge (Raw)


Here is a delicious raw carob bar recipe that requires only five minutes to make and is perfect for people who can’t eat chocolate. These bars are soft, fudgy, rich and very flavorful. Add some some chopped nuts or dried fruit to vary the recipe.


¾ cup walnuts,

¾ cup raisins,

¼ cup carob powder,

dash of cinnamon,

pinch of salt


Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth and mixture becomes sticky.

Remove from bowl and press into a glass dish – or shape into one large square with your hands. Freeze until firm then slice.

Double the recipe and keep in the freezer.

This is just one of 100’s of delicious no bake, sugar free. healthy snacks and treats recipes you can see here:  Bended Bites

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