The Healthy Superfood Snack That We Should Eat More Of


You will never guess what the secret ingredient is in my new (and just a little weird) snack recipes.

I call these “anytime” snacks because they are appropriate for snacking any time of the day.

The most appealing thing about these snacks, in my opinion, is not that they taste great, it’s that the secret ingredient they contain (a very special superfood) was once a common and vital part of our diet.

So common, in fact, that its use extended well beyond the domain of healthy snacks and desserts.

It was found in practically every kind of food item.

Now it’s practically gone from our diet.

This means we don’t get to enjoy the unique health benefits it offers – one of which is increased physical attractiveness.

I am not kidding.

This superfood, which is a protein used widely in your body when it is available, helps to maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair.

In fact it does a whole lot more than that, which is why I created a short collection of snack recipes in which this essential nutrient plays a prominent role.

I want to give you a copy of “The Essential Superfood Now Missing From Your Diet – And What That Means For Your Long-Term Health”.

Inside the book you’ll find 20 of my most recent recipes (all of which are based on this missing but essential nutrient).

You’ll find recipes for green smoothies, green immune boosting gummies, cookies, anti-wrinkle gummies, finger jello (ginger, carrot, turmeric) coffee cubes and a whole lot more.

You’ll also discover:

* The identity of this essential YOUTH-PRESERVING superfood which was once billed as “America’s Most Famous Dessert”

* How to strengthen your CARTILAGE and CONNECTIVE TISSUES without the need for torturous exercise.

* A diet-based BEAUTY ROUTINE that preserves the structural integrity of your skin, hair, and nails.

If the idea of looking good for as long as you possibly can sounds appealing, then here’s where you can find a copy:


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