Too Much Sugar is a Serious Threat to Your Health…


chfitness8The biggest threat to your health, your body weight and your ability to prevent the process of aging is without a doubt – sugar.

Sugar causes damage due to the fact that its nutrient void…it simply creates a whole cascade of negative events to take place whenever you consume it.

You may not notice the affects that this dangerous food causes but you will be paying the price for it in your future years.

What makes sugar so harmful?

First things first. The biggest issue with sugar is that it does absolutely nothing good for your body. It’s like putting a toxic substance into your car and expecting it to run smoothly.

Sugar provide the body with no vitamins, no minerals, and no antioxidants. Even though it does provide carbohydrate energy, it is not the ideal kind of carbohydrate energy you want.

All that sugar offers is a quick short burst of energy that soon drops you flat on your head.

The next issue with the consumption of sugar is that it is extremely dense in calories. So, unless you one of those rare few that are trying to put on weight, sugar will never befriend you.

Rather than offering a high variety of different nutrients that your body can use towards keeping your systems running smoothly, sugar is loaded with calories…meaning you consume a high amount of calories even though you’ve only eaten a little bit.

Trying to lose weight or even controlling body weight requires foods that are lower on the caloric density scale. If you don’t have a high caloric need, you’re just basically setting yourself up for issues by adding these kinds of foods to your diet.

High density calories is not the only issue with sugar consumption. Sugar spikes your blood glucose level. When you eat sugar containing foods it’s as though a little bomb goes off in your body. Sugar breaks down rapidly and as it is doing so, glucose molecules are rushing into the blood causing blood glucose to soar.

As this takes place, the pancreas releases a hug hit of insulin whose role is to go into the body and remove excess glucose that’s not being used for fuel and either transferring it to muscle cells if you’ve just finished working out or to the body fat cells if you aren’t.

Once this excess glucose is secured in your body fat cells it causes your fat level to grow and you start to experience a rapid decline in blood glucose levels. Insulin works quickly to remove the excess sugar from your blood stream but now it has created a very low level that your body does not like either.

The body is always trying to remain in a state of homeostasis – or as close to it as possible. Whenever you move out of homeostasis, the body reacts with a strong defense that immediately sets in to help bring you back to the state of homeostasis.

So, when blood sugar is high, the pancreas release insulin.

When blood sugar is low which the case is now, you get intense, nearly impossible to ignore feelings of hunger.

You feel ravenous, shaky and irritable. You can even feel lightheaded and you’ll want to grab the nearest food source available. Since your brain knows that the fastest way to bring up blood glucose levels it through consuming more sugar, this is precisely what it tried to do.

You’ll suffer intense food cravings for carbohydrate rich foods including cookies, pasta, cereals, and crackers and so on. Eating these types of foods simply enforces this merry-go-round you have created for yourself of:

More eating, more fat storage, more hunger, more eating more fat storage, more hunger and you’ll being gaining weight faster than you ever thought possible.

Clearly you can see why sugar is your enemy and not your friend and you must be diligent about cutting it out from your diet protocol which requires you to read every label before purchasing. If you are eating foods in their natural state you have no concerns. Fruit sugar is different because fruit also provides us a wealth of antioxidants that fight off free radicals.

Sugar can be found in any of these variations:



High fructose corn syrup (an especially bad one)

Glucose-fructose (again, very bad)

Maple syrup

Agave nectar

Barley malt

Beet sugar

Brown sugar

Cane sugar

Corn syrup

Carob syrup


Fruit juice

Fruit juice concentrate


Golden sugar

Grape sugar

Invert sugar

Confection sugar






Sugar just sets you up for so many problems such as an increased risk of cancer development, depression, ADD and other mood disorders. Is it really worth that momentary rush of sugar pleasure?

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