Make Your Desserts Healthier by Replacing Unhealthy Fats…


The “fat” we use when creating desserts and treats adds texture, flavor, color and moisture. In other words, you need some sort of “fat” if you want your recipes to be successful.

Unfortunately traditional fats such as butter and oil also come packed with unwanted high calories.

The good news is, you can enjoy your sweet treats and desserts without feeling guilty if you replace traditionally used fats (such as eggs, oil and butter) with healthier alternatives.

Many people are already aware that fruit purees such as apple sauce have been successfully used as a binding agent and fat substitute in traditional recipes with great success for quite some time. Bananas are another great choice (be sure to use ripe bananas) as well as avocados, pureed peaches, pears and prunes. And, that’s just the short list.

When modifying your recipe to include one of these healthy fats, the general rule is to use about ½ as much fruit puree in comparison to the traditional fat used, however this is just a guide. You can always add a bit more if more moisture is needed.

The good news doesn’t stop there…replacing fats in your dishes is not limited to fruit purees. Vegetables are nutrient powerhouses bursting with color and flavor and some vegetables work equally as well as a binder to replace traditional fats such as eggs, oil and butter.  Sweet potatoes are an excellent choice as well as mashed squash (such as pumpkin). And, let’s not forget the sweet carrot that has been used with great success for centuries in desserts.

The general rule is to use approximately ¾ as much veggie puree for the total about of fat called for. Once again, if needed you can always add more and each recipe will be slightly different. Not only will you benefit from the added flavor, moisture, color and texture that veggies add, but you’ll enjoy the health benefits of added nutrition in the way of healthy fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber. How’s that for a “sweet” bonus?

Now, take this a step further and create your desserts and treats without baking (yep, raw is always best), without sugar, white flour and gluten free! Sounds tempting already doesn’t it?

Using a combination of dried fruits (such as dates for sweetness), nuts, seeds and coconut products as a base, you can easily incorporate your veggies and create delicious, healthy desserts, snack and treats to please the taste of the pickiest eater.

Since all fruits and veggies contain different amounts and kinds of nutrients, don’t limit yourself to one or two choices but expand your horizons beyond what you presently “know” to include exciting new varieties so that you can benefit from a well-rounded palate.

Not only is eating too many high-fat foods the road to obesity and weight gain but they increase the risk factor for many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

Truth is, you don’t have to give up desserts and treats if you plan and choose the right ingredients – even desserts can be made healthy, nutritious (using veggies and fruits will help you meet your daily requirements too) and good for you!

If you are ready to take your traditional desserts and turn them into “life giving” desserts grab my “50 Desserts with Hidden Veggies. “  In it you will discover no bake, Paleo friendly, no sugar, gluten free healthy sweet treat and dessert recipes…

Isn’t it time to make every bite you take count!

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