Eat Fudge And Not Worry Unduly About Gaining Weight?
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Grab some Almond Cookies and STILL
Be Able To Fit into your jeans?

Discover The Secret To Eating Tasty Snacks and STILL Eat Healthy.

No, I'm not crazy. Well, I am crazy -- crazy for sweet treats and snacks even though I am a former body builder and fitness expert. It works for me -- And it will work for you if you know my secret!

If you're like most people, it's a struggle to avoid gaining weight without having to deny yourself when it comes to reaching for quick fix snack when you're in a hurry or need a quick burst of energy. Here's how I feed my snack urges and never waiver from my fitness plan.

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen

carolyn hansen Dear Friend,

I used to think that eating healthy food meant swearing off sweet treats, snacks and desserts. But a chance meeting with a very special plate of fudge opened my eyes (and my mouth) to an amazing way to combine my health and fitness goals with my favorite foods.

Let me tell you more about how I bumped into that plate of fudge and how that encounter will change the way you look and feel.

Hi, I'm Carolyn Hansen. If you know me, you know that I am all into fitness and eating healthy foods. I've written four weight loss books, thousands of articles, and somehow found the time to become a certified fitness expert, competitive bodybuilder and fitness center owner.
But none of that means I don't like to eat.
I LOVE to eat!
If you love to eat too, but want to avoid unnecessary weight gain, let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there was a fat girl who hated mirrors. She hated the mirrors in her house; she hated the mirrors at her office. She hated the endless stream of mirrors and reflective shop windows that seemed to mock her everywhere she went.

Whenever this girl saw her reflection, she was reminded of how unhappy she was. She was reminded of how bad she looked in her clothes. And she was reminded how much she wished she could change her life by changing the way she looked.

I was that fat girl. And one day I decided to make my wish come true.

I'm not going to take you through all the details of how I made the journey from being the fat girl in the mirror to becoming the fit and healthy woman I am today. Instead, I am going to focus on one HUGE mistake I made, so you don't have to make it too.
Looking Leads To Wanting -- And Wanting
Leads To Eating
For a long time (far too long), I was a "food martyr." I made the very common mistake of thinking that losing weight (and keeping it off) meant I could never again eat the things I liked. No sweet treats. No snack foods. Nothing that was fun to eat.

I missed my old friends Coconut Fudge Bars, Almond Cookies and Caramel Dream Bars. But most of all I missed my best food friend: Fudge!

I don't know about you, but I do not have a will of iron. So when the urge to get together with my old "friends" would strike, I'd struggle between telling myself "NO!" and sneaking some guilty pleasure. I'm sad to say, the guilty pleasure usually won out.

There's a reason they call it "guilty pleasure." Because every time I would "cheat", I would feel terrible about it later. I'd beat myself up and vow never to put a good-tasting snack into my mouth again.
Oh, what a life of misery...
One day I was sharing my life of misery story with a friend. She stopped me when I started to tell her how much I loved fudge. "Follow me," she said as she walked into her kitchen. She opened up her refrigerator and took out a plate piled high with White Chocolate Gogi Fudge! I was in seventh heaven and depressed both at the same time. "How could you do this to me? You KNOW I can't eat this stuff. I'm DIETING!"

She looked at me with a puzzled expression and said: "Don't you know about this secret recipe? I thought everybody did." I looked back at her with an equally puzzled expression as my hand, with a mind of its own, snatched a glorious piece of fudge from the plate.

"You just grab yourself another bite, because this is healthy fudge you're eating honey!"
Healthy fudge? Yeah, right!
But when she gave me the recipe, I was shocked. It WAS healthy fudge. And while there was no way I could sit down and eat the entire plate full (and I WANTED to eat the entire plate full), I could have a piece or two and not worry about the guilt feelings ruining my day!

Once I discovered there was such a thing as healthy fudge, I was committed. Committed to discovering what other tasty surprises I could eat without breaking my commitment to eating healthy food.

And here's what I came up with:
100 Healthy Raw Snacks
100 Healthy Raw Snacks
It's your one-stop resource for delicious, healthy, guilt-free snacks that you can eat every day and STILL eat healthy.

And even better, EVERY ONE of these recipes are NO COOK! That right. These are RAW healthy snack foods that taste as good as their fattening counterparts.
I've cut all of the fat out of my e-book too.
So it's just 47 pages of easy-to-follow recipes for amazingly delicious snacks like these:
barfi berry maca pie carob fudge carrot cake chocolate avocado pie chocolate cream cheesecake date nut torte grezzo chocolate fudge lemon squares lime cheesecake cupcakes peach tart with lemon ginger cream pineapple dessert cake rawsome chewy caramels raw-vanilla ice cream strawberry field forever white-chocolate goji fudge

My 100 Healthy Raw Snacks recipe book is the best way to feed your snack urge without impacting your weight loss and fitness goals, and without sweating over a hot stove. These "taste fattening and look fattening" treats are 100% healthy and 100% no cook. So go ahead, eat them guilt free! I do.

But here's the thing. I found that once I'd put together the first 100 recipes I wanted to keep on going. So I did. Before I knew it I'd gone and created two more books, these ones devoted exclusively to desserts:
50 Healthy Raw Desserts - Vols. 1 & 2
50 Healthy Raw Desserts - Vols. 1 & 2
I became so committed in fact that as I set about creating these no bake, sugar free, gluten free easy to make desserts, I couldn't stop.

My goal was to come up with 50 recipes and publish them for the world to enjoy... but before I knew it - I had overshot that mark and was so delighted with my discoveries, I soon had more than I could fit in one book! So my exuberance is YOUR gain and I'm giving you not one, but TWO volumes to enjoy to your heart's content!

This 2-Volume Set of 50 Raw Desserts is your one-stop resource for delicious, healthy, guilt-free snacks that you can eat every day and STILL eat healthy.

And even better, EVERY ONE of these recipes are NO COOK!

That's right. These are RAW healthy snack foods that taste as good as their fattening counterparts.
I've cut all of the fat out of my e-books too...
So it's just 23 pages of easy-to-follow recipes for amazingly delicious snacks like these:
chocolate cream minicake cashew raspberry cake buckwheatie chocolate cups banana pudding lime mousse tart cinnamon roll with orange frosting carrot and raisin energy bites coconut berry ice cream heaven chocolate mousse pie cranberry mini cakes mint-protein-cookies avocado lime pie mini carrot cakes walnut cookies pineapple cream cake strawberry cheescake

My 50 Raw Desserts recipe books are the best way to feed your snack urge without impacting your weight loss and fitness goals, and without sweating over a hot stove.

These "taste fattening and look fattening" treats are 100% healthy and 100% no cook...

So go ahead, eat them guilt free! I do.

In fact, I've actually gone ahead and created yet another reason for you to feel great about including these kinds of desserts in your diet by taking the approach one step further. Are you a fan of pumpkin pie? Odds are that you have at least tastes it. But what about Chocolate Zuccini Cheesecake?

This cheesecake recipe is just one of dozens that I have include in the final installment in this series - desserts that include vegetables. Talk about really turning this junk food thing around and getting in your share of healthy foods! Take a look:
50 Healthy Desserts With Hidden Veggies
50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies
Allow me to give you just a taste of the fifty recipes you'll discover in the 67 pages of this book - all of them illustrated with photographs that show just how tempting these dishes will be when they appear in front of delighted house guests who would never guess just how healthy these dishes really are...

And who would ever guess just by the look of them that every one of these delicious recipes contains a hidden vegetable?
Perfect For Those Fussy Eaters In The House!
almond avacado fudge banana cream pie beetroot raspberry slice carrot cake with cashew coconut cream carrot goji berry protein bars carrot protein balls cashew avocado and strawberry parfait chocolate fudgy mousse chocolate zucchini cheesecake coco chia thickie raspberry coconut fudge red velvet protein bars spinach coconut bars sunflower coconut bars sweet potato and orange ice cream sweet potato bars

By now you are probably convinced that 250 healthy snack and dessert recipes offers more than enough possibilities to get started with. But I have one more trick up my sleeve...

Healthy ice cream recipes. A full complement of them. No less than another 50 recipes.

Once again, you will find no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no eggs in any of these recipes. And you will never be required to heat a single ingredient in preparation for the mixing stage of these recipes. All you will ever need is a plain food blender.

These are nutrient dense ice creams fully compatible with your existing PALEO, KETO, and VEGAN eating plans. I call this one, naturally enough:
Healthy Homemade Ice Cream
Healthy Homemade Ice Cream
Inside you'll find another 63 pages of my hard won recipes for icy treats which you'll be glad you can whip up during those long hot summer days when nothing on your traditional menu seems worth the time or the effort to put into your mouth.

These ice cream treats you will cool you down and make you the go to person in your neighborhood for a refreshing summer snack.
These Healthy Ice Creams Are Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Plant-Based, Ketogenic... And Delicious
avocado with pistachios banana chai with gingerbread crumble berry protein brownie raspberry sandwich carrot cake chocolate banana split creamy avocado fig ginger mango lime dream mixed berry and ginger peach pineapple lime salted caramel strawberry fields forever tart with chocolate sauce and pecans vanilla sandwich

If you are thinking to yourself that all you've seen so far it tempting in its own right, I would have said so too...

Until the day it occurred to me that there was yet another way to expand upon the theme of health raw snacks, desserts, and ice cream.
So Here's What Happened When I Decided To "Superfoodize" My Dessert Recipes...
Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes - Vols. 1 & 2
You have probably heard of superfoods, the foods that are especially rich in nutrients are which are at the top of the list for foods coveted by ultra health-conscious "foodies" like me.

I found so much new material when I was researching how to come up with the recipes that I ended up with TWO additional recipe books, both of them dedicated to the inclusion of superfoods in the ingredients list.

Let's have a quick look at the no-bake, nourishing, and plant-based superfood recipes in the first of these books...
A Selection Of My Favorites From A Combined 70 Superfood Snack & Treat Recipes
almond blueberry jelly slice amazing lentil snack balls avocado fudge bites bliss balls blueberry bounty bar blue matcha cakes caramel slice carrot cake bars cashew coconut date rolls chocolate coconut butter bites coconut butter buttons coconut ice ginger almond slice pineapple dole whip pistachio raspberry fudge bars superfood brownies

In fact, one superfood in particular was so conducive to new dessert recipes that I split those recipes off in an entirely book of 20 recipes. I began to refer to it as the essential superfood because it is missing from the diet of most people today. But once upon a time it was popular.

Can you guess what that superfood is by looking at this next set of images?
berries and cream anti aging gummies chocolate beauty gummies coconut panna cotta coffee cubes coffee jelly cranberry kombucha jelly high protein gelatin snack cups high protein keto mousse

If you said gelatin was the superfood that all of the twenty recipes in the second volume have in common then you would be correct!

So - are you ready to put yummy snacks back into your life without compromising your health and body weight goals?

Because here's the bottom line when it comes to thinking about whether or not these recipes deserve a place in your life:
  • If you love fudge, pie, ice cream, cookies and more...

  • If you're sick of feeling guilty every time you indulge yourself with a little snack...

  • If you're ready to put a smile on your face and healthy nutrient-dense snacks into the mouths of you and your loved ones...

Then you are exactly the person I created this collection for!

So, now that you have seen the tremendous range of material I have prepared for you today you're probably wondering...
How Much Does The Blended Bites Collection Actually Cost?
Hopefully by now you have been able to see the extraordinary value that I have put into The Blended Bites Collection. Instead of simply offering you every book in the collection (which I will do nonetheless) I'm going to let you decide which components you'd like to begin using today.
Option #1 - For $27.00 $17.00
170 Healthy Raw / Superfood Snack Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes 50 Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes Essential Superfood
Get access to 100 Healthy Raw Snacks today PLUS the Superfood Recipe volumes for a one-time payment of just $27.00 $17.00

You'll receive the first 170 recipes of the Blended Bites Collection. These are the snack recipes that turned my thinking about the problem of junk food on its head.

Once I'd discovered the approach to snacks outlined in this volume I never again found myself bingeing or even feeling deprived.

I had access to comfort foods that actually helped control my cravings for low nutrient junk foods. In fact I'd say the recipes in this book helped destroy those cravings.

Option #2 - For $37.00 $27.00
270 Healthy / Superfood Snack & Dessert Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes 200 Healthy Raw Snack And Dessert Recipes
50 Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes Essential Superfood
When you select this option, in addition to getting 100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes AND the Superfood Recipe volumes (the Option #1 offer) you'll also get access to 50 Healthy Raw Dessert Recipes - Vols. 1 & 2 today for a one-time payment of just $37.00 $27.00

That's another one hundred recipes - this time focused entirely on desserts.

If you thought the first set of recipes for snacks provided you with plenty of ideas for how to rid yourself of the junk food in your life, this collection will delight you by doubling your options.

With no less than two hundred highly nutritious snack and dessert recipes at your disposal you won't run out of healthy options for waistline-friendly treats any time soon!

Option #3 - For $47.00 $37.00
370 Healthy / Superfood Snack & Dessert Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes 200 Healthy Raw Snack And Dessert Recipes
50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies Healthy Homemade Ice Cream
50 Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes Essential Superfood
With this option you get it all!

Not only do you get both 100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes, the two Superfood Recipe volumes, and 50 Healthy Raw Dessert Recipes - Vols. 1 & 2 (the Option #2 offer), but you'll also get access to 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies and Healthy Homemade Ice Cream today for a one-time payment of just $47.00 $37.00

This final addition that rounds out the Blended Bites snack and dessert recipe collection provides you with perhaps my favorite set of recipes yet. There is something inherently satisfying to be able to put away a dessert and at the same time know that you are working towards meeting your minimum daily vegetable requirement.

Yes, it's almost wicked the way this works out!

Single Serve Snack Recipes

Single Serve Snack Recipes

What if you did not have to prepare an entire batch of your favorite treat every time you had a hankering for it?

The idea behind Single Serve Snack Recipes is that each recipes only produces a single serving, so you won't get caught with several days' worth of leftover treats.

From breakfast options to snacks, desserts, mug cakes, even a delish chocolate chip cookie for one, these simple recipes will hit the spot.

Transitioning To Paleo

Transitioning To Paleo

Do you ever feel the need to turn away from the destructive food habits you are currently experiencing to the body- and health-changing benefits of eating the foods that early mankind ate every day?

With Transitioning To Paleo you'll learn all of the benefits behind eating Paleo. Then you will discover how easy it is to begin making the change to better eating. And finally, you get a four week complete meal plan to get you started with your transition.

Believe me, there is no faster and easier way to discover the benefits of the Paleo diet.

Best Healthiest Breads Ever

Best Healthiest Breads Ever

Who doesn't love bread? It's probably the most convenient food ever conceived. But there's a problem with almost every piece of bread you are likely to come across in the course of your day - it's all wheat-based.

So why is that a problem? Well, you'll get the full details in my book Best Healthiest Breads Ever. But in a nutshell all you need to know is that our bodies are NOT well-adapted to metabolizing wheat.

In fact, we are so bad at this that the wheat does far more damage to our bodies than it does good. Wheat may even be the cause of many chronic and potentially life-threatening diseases - including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

But don't worry. This does NOT mean you need to give up bread, just the wheat part of it! And to help you I've provided dozens of wheat-free alternative recipes for bread in this book...

How To Eat With Abandon

How To Eat With Abandon

Have you ever found yourself eating just because you like the physical act? Well, it's not a habit you want to encourage. Especially if you are having trouble maintaining your current bodyweight.

But what if there WAS a way to eating without having to worry about how much weight you were going to gain because of it? In How To Eat With Abandon you'll discover that the secret is how to eat better, not less.

Eating in a calorie-conscious way has NOT helped us avoid the spectre of an ever-increasing waistline. Clearly a new approach is called for and that approach is based on the idea of nutrient density - eating foods high in nutrition and low in empty calories (the kind you'll find in sugar-laden and highly processed foods).

In this book I'll introduce you to the concept of the nutrient-dense eating plan and show you how it leads to approach to food that essentially allows one to eat with abandon...

Outsmart Your Hunger

Outsmart Your Hunger

Hunger is hard to ignore. But many people try to do exactly that in order to avoid packing on excess body weight. The problem is, the more you try to ignore your hunger, the more likely it is that you will end up gaining weight.

That is just one of the surprising discoveries you will make in Outsmart Your Hunger. But don't despair. You are about to learn how to master your hunger by regaining control of your eating habits. In fact, you'll be able to say goodbye to hunger and still meet the conditions required to maintain your ideal body weight.

Special Metabolic Fitness Report

Special Metabolic Fitness Report

As we age we tend to slow down. We eat less, exercise less, and begin the slow decline that eventually takes its toll on our health. But who says it has to be that way?

In this Special Metabolic Fitness Report you will learn how to ward off the effects of aging - or at least slow it down significantly - by rebalancing your metabolism so that you can shed the excess body fat that is slowing you down and elevating your risk for chronic disease, so you can have more life, more vigor than you ever would have thought possible.

A Whey Of Life

A Whey Of Life

Protein is an essential component of every meal, but so often it gets overlooked and the result is a tendency to eat more than a sensible share of simple carbohydrates. The end result? Slow and steady weight gain.

But, as you'll discover in the pages of A Whey Of Life it is the proper balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats that dictate whether your body will be able to burn energy efficiently rather than store it in the form of unwanted body fat.

In this short volume you'll be introduced to the 40-30-30 principle of healthy meal preparation. You'll also discover the dramatic health benefits of eating whey protein, and I'll provide you with some of my favorite hyper-healthy whey-based snack recipes.

Power Bowl Meals

Power Bowl Meals

Meal preparation at the end of the day can often seem like a daunting task and the temptation to surrender to a microwaved processed meal from the refrigerator can be strong. But of course that's not a sensible eating plan for the long term.

So to help you avoid making bad eating decisions I have prepared a simple alternative approach: Power Bowl Meals. The idea? That you can simply grab a single cooking implement, such as your trusty wok, and throw in the ingredients for a healthy meal built around fat-burning protein.

Easy to prepare and cook, healthy for you (because they are built on the 40-30-30 principle of balancing your macronutrients), these nutrient-dense meals can be thrown together in a matter of minutes and can feed a family of any size.

They are also VERY tasty, because at the base of every one of these power bowl meals is salsa, or special sauce that gives each of the recipes in this collection it's very own "kick".

Are you ready to get started with the recipes outlined on this page?

If you are you'll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort over the coming years - time and effort you might otherwise have to devote to trying to get your diet and body weight under control.

I know this because I spent years myself on these very same things. And until I made the mental shift to eating metabolism-enhancing foods - like the snacks and desserts contained in this collection of recipes - I made no progress whatsoever.

In fact, I wasted years of my life following exercise and nutritional strategies that were DOOMED to fail simply because I had no idea how important the role of nutrition is when it comes to trying to stay lean, fit, and healthy.

If I had only known then what I have detailed in this recipe collection I would have saved myself a LOT of time and trouble!

There is absolutely NO reason that you should repeat my mistakes, and with the information you'll be getting today you'll avoid exactly that.
My 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee
Simply make your selection about which collection of ebooks you would like to download today and use the corresponding order button to make your purchase. Then take a FULL 60 DAYS to read your book(s) from cover to cover, and digest all of the information.

Then, if this offer isn't everything that I say it is; if it isn't everything that you HOPE it is, just let me know anytime within 60 FULL DAYS and I'll give you your money back.

That's how confident I am that each of the recipe ebooks in the Blended Bites collection contains the answers you've been searching for.

Don't wait another minute! Download your selection of ebooks from Blended Bites collection and uncover the secret to creating your own nutrient-dense and metabolism-enhancing snacks and desserts. There simply is NO better approach to ridding your life of junk food once and for all than by shifting to the recipes I teach you in this collection. I guarantee it!

To Your Success,

Author, Health And Nutrition Expert, Fitness Centre Owner, & National Champion Bodybuilder
I'm Going To Remove All The Risk From Your Investment Because I Want You To Succeed!
YES - Carolyn, I'm READY to create
my own fat-burning snacks and desserts!

  • I understand I'll be instantly downloading my chosen selection of one, two, or three ebooks from the Blended Bites collection

  • On top of that, I understand my investment is backed by your risk free, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.
Option #1 - For $27.00 $17.00
170 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes 50 Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes Essential Superfood
Option #2 - For $37.00 $27.00
270 Healthy Raw Snack & Dessert Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes 200 Healthy Raw Snack And Dessert Recipes
50 Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes Essential Superfood
Option #3 - For $47.00 $37.00
370 Healthy Snack & Dessert Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes 200 Healthy Raw Snack And Dessert Recipes
50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies Healthy Homemade Ice Cream
50 Superfood Snack And Treat Recipes Essential Superfood

PLUS All The Following Bonus Products
Transitioning To Paleo Best Healthiest Breads Ever How To Eat With Abandon Outsmart Your Hunger A Whey Of Life Power Bowl Meals Special Metabolic Fitness Report

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I hope that by now you recognise that these recipe guides will act a valuable resourcea that never go out of date and which will prove their worth over and over again.

To Your Success

Carolyn Hansen

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