Protein Fluff Your New Favorite Dessert

Protein FluffDo you love ice cream but hate the effects if leaves your body with?

Do you wish someone would create a frozen decadent dessert that was not loaded with dead calories?

Your dream has come true.

You need only 3 ingredients to make an awesome, frozen, thick, “marshmallow” airy light, pudding-type ice cream appropriately called “Protein Fluff – Ice Cream of the Gods. It is extremely light in weight and voluminous. [Read more…]

Create Healthy Brownies with Coconut Oil and Avocado…

chfitness_browniesWithout a doubt, coconut oil is a super-star ingredient that I use a lot in my recipes including my newest veggies based dessert recipe book.

Coconut oil offers so much. It helps to simulate the thyroid which in turn increases your metabolism and helps to burn stored fat. It improves digestive health and immunity with its natural antibiotic effect and is proving to assist with slowing the aging process as well as being a powerful agent assisting us in our battle to lose weight. [Read more…]

Yummy Green Coconut Fudge…

chfitnessAdding taste and color to desserts using veggies is not a new idea but is gaining serious attention once again as more and more people get focused on getting nutritional benefit from every bite they eat…including dessert.

Let’s face it, the Internet is making people much wiser.  They understand that it’s not about the amount of calories eaten but more about what those calories offer or lack when it comes to nutrition that really matters.

Truth is, calories are not created equal and if optimal health and weight maintenance are important to you every calorie that goes in does matter. What good does it do anyone…especially you if what you are eating is foods that do nothing but rob you of your vitality and in the end your health? Is it really worth that small “pleasure”…that momentary high to jeopardize your future? [Read more…]

Banana Cream Pie With Benefits…

banana cream pieIn all probability you’ve likely enjoyed numerous cream pies throughout your lifetime including the luscious, delicious banana cream pie.

But, have you ever enjoyed Banana Cream Pie that offers health benefits? Your answer is probably no because back in the days that our grandmothers and moms were creating these delicious desserts, the focus was not on how healthy they are but more focused on flavor and texture.

Those times have passed. These days veggies are being invited into all kinds of dessert recipes to shift them from “empty calories” to calories with benefits and this version of Banana Cream Pie includes green leaves (either spinach, Swiss chard or kale). [Read more…]

Veggies Play an Important Role in Snacks, Treats and Desserts…

veggie dessertsThe world of vegetables is filled with color from bright yellows, reds and oranges to greens, purples and blues and color translates to nutrient dense; loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and flavor.

Unfortunately for the most part (there are a few exceptions), the vegetable’s role in our diets has been as the “side-kick” at a meal not the star and rarely has the vegetable been viewed as an important ingredient in a dessert.

But in reality, they are the perfect “hidden dessert ingredient” with the power to deliver color, moisture and texture as well as an incredible array of nutrients.

Carrots are the perfect example of this. [Read more…]